Small Community Emergency Response Plan


Successful management of a disaster begins at the local level. When a community is prepared to deal with a disaster the impact can be minimized and lives may be saved. One key to community preparedness is a community emergency plan that defines how the community will manage disasters. The plan should include local, regional, and state resources that support local response.

The Small Community Emergency Response Plan (SCERP) is a new, exciting approach to emergency management for small communities. SCERP is a customized flip book with essential, community-specific information for responding to a disaster. For additional information or questions please call DHS&EM SCERP Planning Team toll-free at 1-800-478-2337 or 1-907-428-7000.

SCERP Factsheet

Communities which have completed a SCERP

Requests for information and questions can also be directed to DHS&EM SCERP Planning Team via e-mail at General Planning Point of Contact.


1. Establish a Community Planning Team.

2. Download the SCERP Toolkit below.

3. Fill in the SCERP Toolkit with your planning team

4. Email or Mail the SCERP Toolkit to DHS&EM SCERP Team
(DHS&EM will develop your customized SCERP plan and send it to you).

5. Use your SCERP to run community disaster response exercises. Coordinate with DHS&EM for assistance with this.

6. Update SCERP annually with Local Planning Team and DHS&EM SCERP Team

Creating a Community Planning Team

SCERP Toolkit

SCERP for Incorporated Communities

Definition – A community with an established government and is legally incorporated. This may be a city government, tribal government, or both, with legal power to make decisions and use resources.

Incorporated SCERP Toolkit: Word | PDF

SCERP for Unincorporated Communities

Definition – A community which has no governing body with legal authority.

Unincorporated SCERP Toolkit: Word | PDF

SCERP Example

SCERP Final Product Image:

SCERP Final Product image