Volcano Mitigation

Since 1700, at least 41 volcanoes in Alaska have erupted, some of these as many as 25 times!

Heavy ashfall may reduce sunlight, causing a sudden demand and possibly brownouts of electrical power. Ash can clog water systems, sewage plants, and all kinds of machinery. Fine ash is extremely slippery, hampering driving and walking. Ash can also damage the lungs of small infants, elderly, and those having respiratory problems.

Volcano Planning

Volcano Preparedness Information

What can I do today?

  • DevelopYour Disaster Supply Kit andYour Family Disaster Plan.
  • Have extra air and oil filters for your car on hand. After an ashfall, car filters sell out quickly.
  • Have NIOSH approved dust respirators (coded TC-21C-XXX or N-95) for all members of your family. Make sure they are the appropriate size for children. Breathing ash can be dangerous for humans and pets.

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If you have questions about mitigation, e-mail Alaska's Hazard Mitigation Officer, Ann Gravier.