Student Tools for Emergency Planning (STEP)

Student Tools for Emergency Planning (STEP) is a program that teaches 4th and 5th grade students what to do in emergency scenarios and empowers them to implement life-saving preparedness initiatives at home.  The program was developed by the Rhode Island Emergency Management Agency (RIEMA) and is sponsored by FEMA.

STEP is offered at zero cost to schools; only requires 1 hour of instructional time during the school year; supplies up to 15 hours of optional materials that can cover a variety of subject areas and align with national and state standards; and provides teachers with all the instructional materials needed, including copies of student handouts, instructional booklets, and DVD’s.

For more information about STEP, see the Information Sheets and/or the link posted below:

For more information about getting STEP for your school, teacher, counselors, administrators may contact Jeff Lafferty or Jeremy Zidek at or , or call (907)428-7078.